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Meet Our Founder

Jessica Alvarado, affectionately known as Mrs. A, embodies the transformative power of storytelling. An actress, director, writer, producer, and teaching artist, her journey is a testament to perseverance, passion, and a deep commitment to empowering young minds through theatre arts.

In February 2019, Jessica crystallized her years of experience, knowledge, and unwavering passion into PEAK Theatre Arts—a platform designed to empower youth while exploring the uncharted territories of their cultural narratives. Jessica Alvarado's story epitomizes resilience and advocacy, showcasing how one individual's unwavering dedication can illuminate paths for the next generation, making diversity, empowerment, and cultural celebration integral parts of the theatrical landscape.


From the tender age of 9, Jessica knew her heart belonged on stage. However, the absence of an accessible and affordable theatre arts program in her school or community posed a formidable challenge. Undeterred by this absence, she forged ahead. At 17, she delved into classes, only to confront another stark reality—where were the classical works by Latinx or Black playwrights? Where were the mentors who mirrored her identity? Where were the narratives celebrating the everyday stories of hope, joy, and love within Black and Latinx communities? These questions fueled her determination to fill the void she once experienced.


PEAK Theatre Arts emerged as the embodiment of her quest for answers. It stands as a beacon, a platform where BIPOC, Latinx, and Black stories and voices rightfully claim center stage. For over a decade, Jessica has been unwavering in her dedication to youth development through theatre arts education. Her journey commenced at 17, marking the genesis of a career steeped in passion and expertise, spanning over 20 years in theatre and drama.


Her impact extends far beyond the stage. In 2013, as a Site Director for an after school program she pioneered the After School All Stars Theatre Company, engaging 60 youth aged 6-12 in a STEAM-based theatre arts curriculum. Her visionary approach allowed young minds to explore digital media, acting, set design, costume design, and sound design, culminating in a spectacular production of Dr. Seuss's "Cat in the Hat." An experience she and her students will never forget. 


Theatre is the heartbeat for our communities;
it brings us together, challenges us, inspires us to dream." Denzel Washington

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