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What makes PEAK unique?

Nestled in the vibrant community of Inglewood, California, in 2019 PEAK Theatre Arts emerged as a solution to a problem- lack of quality theatre arts education in after school.  Envisioned with passion and purpose, PEAK is not just a theater arts program—it's a sanctuary for those eager to delve into meaningful experiences beyond the confines of conventional education. 

Every PEAK program is a journey into the realms of intellect and critical thinking through the immersive medium of theatre arts. The stage becomes a dynamic classroom, where youth not only learn about culture and history but also embody it. By infusing vitality into the curriculum, PEAK aims to captivate the minds of its students, fostering a profound understanding of their own identity, community, and the world that surrounds them.

Beyond the footlights, PEAK Theatre Arts carries a mission to empower, educate and enlighten youth through the unknown and untold stories of our people and culture. In a educational landscape where culturally and historically relevant curriculum often remains absent, PEAK Theatre Arts curriculum is designed to fill this void. Each script is a tapestry, carefully woven to bring forgotten tales to life and provide a platform for voices that deserve to be heard.

The heart of PEAK Theatre Arts beats with the rhythm of inclusivity, welcoming all who seek to carve unforgettable memories. As you step into our world, you embark on a voyage where creativity knows no bounds. Come, discover, and become part of a community where the spotlight is not just on the stage but on the transformative journey that unfolds within each student.

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