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Our Story


Our mission is to use the power of theatre to educate, empower and enlighten youth, ages 7-13, as we explore the untold and unknown stories of our people and culture. 



Our vision to make theatre arts education accessible to all students and easy to implement for after school professionals. 



Our purpose is to provide theatre arts education to after school programs who are in need  

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Nestled in Inglewood, California PEAK Theatre Arts was founded in 2019. PEAK welcomes students who are ready to engage in a meaningful experience after school. We offer an incredible variety of programs and activities, with qualified staff who are committed to the enjoyment and safety of all our students.


PEAK Theatre Arts was created with a purpose to tell the unknown and untold stories of our people and culture on stage, past and present. With culturally and historically relevant curriculum and instruction missing in our after school programs and classrooms, our plays, monologues, scenes and lesson plans are studied to fill this void. 

With each program, our objective is for youth to intellectually and critically engage with the material through theatre arts. The best way to get students excited about learning about culture and history is to bring it to life. Our goal for all students to have a deeper understanding of who they are, their community and world around them.

Join us to create the best memories. You’re invited to find out for yourself why so many students return to PEAK Theatre Arts year after year.


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