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Theater Lights

Our Core Values

Passionate Teaching Artists


We believe in cultivating a passion and appreciation for theaatre arts by intertwining students' unique cultural heritage with their artistic journey. This tailored approach enables students to see themselves reflected in the stories, traditions, and performances igniting a deep enthusiasm for theatre as a means of self expression and cultural celebration. 

PEAK Players
PEAK Players
PEAK Players


We believe in centering narratives, traditions and experiences that resonate with our students cultural backgrounds. This approach ensures youth engage in a meaningful exploration of theatre that reflects their heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and connection to their own stories. 


We believe in fostering a positive and open attitude towards different perspectives and artistic expressions. We value the richness of cultural diversity, contributing to a more inclusive and respectful attitude among youth as they engage with theatre arts within the context of their cultural backgrounds. 


We believe in developing students into critical thinkers. Through our curriculum, students are immersed in the diverse, cultural, and historical worlds of the play, providing insights for them to question the world around them. This approach equips students with not only artistic skills but also a profound awareness of the interconnectedness between culture, history, and society. 

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