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After School Enrichment

If all the world's a stage, then theatre sets you up for life! 


We nurture each type of learner to support all students in their development. Our classes not only prepare our students to step into the spotlight, but cultivate invaluable set of life skills, which will set them on a path for success in which ever career they choose. 

Our classes develop confidence, social emotional learning, 21st century skills, a sense of belonging, reading, writing and comprehension skills just to name a few. PEAK builds the necessary tools for students to be successful in and outside of the classroom.

PEAK Theatre Arts Programs include:

  • We bring our program(s) to your school and or community.

  • Curriculum designed to meet the Visual & Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools.

  • Culturally and historically relevant curriculum  

  • Customizable Number of Sessions to Meet YOUR Needs 

  • Up to 90 Minutes of Instruction 

  • Maximum of 16 students per cohort

  • Passionate, experienced and professional teaching artists- Theatre is our sport! 

  • A showcase for family, friends and community members. 

Created by Ella B. 5th Grade

Program: STEAM in the Scene: where Drama & STEAM meet

Class: Gadgets, Characters, Commercials Oh My! 

Write, Direct and Act in your own commercial. STEAM never looked so cool! 


NEW STEAM in the Scene- where Drama & STEAM meet
Imagine a stage where equations come to life, the stage becomes a laboratory, and scientific principles are expressed through the art of drama. This unique fusion of S
cience, Technology, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) with the dramatic arts creates an enriching learning experience that captivates students and sparks their intellectual curiosity. STEAM in the Scene is not just a program; its an exploration, an experience, and a celebration of the limitless potential when creativity and STEAM converge.  

We spotlight BIPOC plays and stories. In the world of theatre, students have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the characters they play. Through these characters, youth develop a deeper understanding of self, cultural relativity and historical significance of the work. In addition, students create and apply physical, vocal and emotional skills to support the development of the character and scene, while learning theatre fundamentals through improv games. 

Once Upon a Time- Story Drama
Students utilize picture books, folktales, history narratives and true life events to ignite their imagination to create short plays and scenes of their own. Students learn how to connect story and drama inspired by their real life attitudes and understandings to create characters and scenarios they identify with. 

Your Story on Stage
Your Story on Stage is a unique and immersive where students become playwrights, actors and creators of their own theatrical productions. This program is a dynamic fusion of creative writing, acting, and collaborative performance offering students a comprehensive theatrical journey. A transformative experience where passions meets stage and every student is empowered to embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity.

Our Stories on Stage

The Fairytale Network by John Woodard
performed by St. Francis students in grades 2nd-8th. 

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